Sirwan Tarabar Maad International Transport Co. Ltd.




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Sirwan Tarabar Maad International Transport Company is one of the active and leading companies in the Islamic Republic of Iran, involved in logistic and transportation of
Dry goods and petroleum products (export, import and transit of goods)
In the Middle East, Asia and Europe and exhibited a significant role on international transportation, sea shipment, road transit and railway of goods.







This Company enjoys services of its skilled, expert, very concerned manpower, bound to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, has about 600 truck fleets (flatbed trailers, canvas trailers, low bed, ref trucks, car carriers and tanker trailers) and efficient and responsive branch offices and agents throughout the country and abroad. This Company has proved its remarkable role in connection with forwarding and carrying goods, particularly on road transit, rail way and sea shipment of consignments through the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran, to and from neighboring countries, particularly Iraq, Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia and United Arab Emirates (Dubai).








With respect to the geographical position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, being located on the route of transportation and transit of goods in the Middle East and Asian continent, this Company has concentrated its basic business targets on urging and encouragement of goods owners, traders and merchants to use this country’s transit routes potentialities and capabilities for handling their merchandises and thus cause enhancement of volume of goods transportation and transit. In this connection this Company has chosen top quality and quicker services and its customer’s tranquility of mind as headlines of its working policy and makes its utmost effort to increase the volume of its services on forwarding, carrying and road transit, rail way and sea shipment of goods by causing its customers’ considerable satisfaction.







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